Welcome to Camp Mooidian
Camp Moodian is a dream that those of us involved strive to make into a reality. In a nutshell it’s a small community of like minded individuals with similar goals and aspirations dedicated to living life simply, greener and with a sense of fullfillment rarely if ever found in today’s urban chaos. We pour our heart and soul into our myriad and varied projects all in the hopes that they help us better prepare for when we take this mad mad idea beyond the backyard and into our eventual future site. Its what we do, and we want to share our joy, frustrations, success and questionable sanity with anyone willing to stick around and listen to us ramble on.

We are starting out small. Our backyard has been given over to the growing of food stuffs.  Vegetables are all over the place in what was initially intended to be carefully manicured rows and  has turning into a riotously satisfying jungle of greenery full of delicious treasures.

 Click the image to step thru The Garden Gallery pix.

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