Freezer Meals

So, 7 hours of cooking done.  Matt and I have made 37 freezer meals.  We used this link for the recipes and shopping lists.  As Matt and I don’t normally get home until almost 6 pm, we have a tendency to not want to cook after a long day of …

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It’s sort of like dieting.

I try to keep up with this, but it seems that everything else gets in the way.  The title says it all, I want to get back into the simplicity, but it doesn’t always work and I have to get back on the wagon again. It’s January here in Utah, …

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Winter is Coming

*Insert GoT theme music here* Winter is slowly trickling into the valley with temps reaching into the low 30s and the highs floating around the low 50s. Its ALMOST winter. We’ve managed to clean up most of the back yard/garden area in the past few weeks, a little here and …

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Fall is Here!

Looking at the backyard and I see that it got away from me again.  I’m looking forward to next year, but I may need some help.  I will certainly need some money for it.  The plan is to sheet mulch to get rid of the weeds.  But I’d also like …

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Garden Pix from today

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Pix from the garden today. Things are looking up. We’ve already been able to start incorporating some of this into our daily diet.. Kale and broccoli mostly.

In a Down Cycle

In the past three years we’ve made a lot of improvements: raised bed vegetable garden, two beehives, even a hugelkulture bed (still working on perfecting that one).  But there are things that are still extremely discouraging.  My husband makes good money at a job he would rather quit and while …

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Urban Farming!

Decided to rip leftover bee hive wood and some ancient 4x4s into a strawberry garden bed. We’re moving the strawberries out of the north facing bed into this bad boy (its 36w x 29d x 24h) to make room for the honey berry bushes Cali scored. Sadly, an hour after …

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Home Brew! Cali’s Honey Whit

Cali’s Honey Whit bottled and beginning a 2 week condition period. 7oz of honey for conditioning is very apparent in the left over sample I had there. 48 bottles of beer on the counter.. 48 bottle of beer.. OG 1.042 FG 1.002 5.2% abv Not bad at all. See you …

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Some Images to go along with the New Bees post below…

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The new Warre hive in action.. so to speak. We introduced the bees in 40ish degree weather (f° btw) so we were a little concerned.

New Bees

Sometimes I wonder if I’m biting off more than I can handle.  But there are days I just don’t care.  This morning is one of them.  Went outside to play with the dog and check on the new bees we installed on Saturday.  Matt and I built a beautiful Warre …

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